Essential Zen Habits of 2023

Essential Zen Habits of 2023

By Leo Babauta

It’s the end of 2023, and I’ve just finished my 17th year of publishing Zen Habits! What a journey this has been so far.

As usual, I’m going to run through some of the highlights of the year for me and my business, and then share the best Zen Habits posts of 2023.

Let’s look at some of the highlights of the year:

  • Zen Habits Podcast — the biggest accomplishment for me this year was the launch of the Zen Habits Podcast! I’ve been wanting to create one for years, and now finally have. Season 1 was called Joy + Fear, and was about resistance around our meaningful work. I got so much great feedback on it, I can’t wait to launch the next season in a month or two.
  • Retreats in Costa Rica & North Carolina — For the first time since the pandemic, we held live, in-person retreats! It was incredibly powerful. It was a part of my Fearless Mastery program, but also opened to a small group of Zen Habits readers. So awesome to work with all of these amazing people in person!
  • Relaunch of Fearless Mastery — I’ve been running my Fearless Mastery small group coaching program for a few years, and it’s been amazing … but in 2024, it will be a whole new beast. It will be 9 months instead of 5, and include a retreat in London in April. There are still a few spots open! We officially kick off on Jan. 16.
  • FLA Uncertainty challenge & app — In my Fearless Living Academy, we launched the Uncertainty Challenge, which runs every month and is aimed at helping you get better at uncertainty and resistance. It’s been really powerful for participants! And we created a simple app to help you log your challenge, included in your FLA membership.
  • Finished book on my grandma — After 4 years of working on a book about my grandma’s life (she’s turning 95 in 2024!), I finally finished it. With my mom’s help. Still doing the layout and printing it for my grandma, but I’m proud of it.
  • Increased fitness — Other than all of the above, the biggest change for me in 2023 was that I got fitter after letting things go a little in the pandemic. I used fitness challenges with my wife and kids, and it really helped me up my game throughout the year. I have more big goals around fitness in 2024, but in the past year I lost about 10 pounds, got into pretty decent running shape, and got stronger and fitter all around.

Best Posts of 2023

I’ve collected what I consider the best of my Zen Habits posts for the past year, I hope you find value in them:

  • 6 Powerful Mindset Shifts
  • Transforming the Constant Feeling of Being Behind
  • Be All In: Unlock Your Full Power
  • How I Get Things Done
  • The Moment of a Lifetime
  • Transcendent: Take on Work & Life from Another Level
  • We’re Mostly Trying to Escape This Moment
  • The Wisdom of Non-Effort
  • Mastering the Inbox as a Spiritual Practice
  • The Parable of Luminous Reality

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