IoT company KORE, mCare Digital launch smartwatch for patient monitoring

IoT company KORE, mCare Digital launch smartwatch for patient monitoring

Georgia-based KORE, an internet of things (IoT) company focused on helping organizations manage and scale their offerings, and Australian company mCare Digital, which uses technology to help individuals live independently, announced the launch of a smartwatch for virtual patient monitoring called mCareWatch 241.

The watch features an SOS setting that enables wearers to obtain emergency assistance, call capabilities, GPS tracking, reminders, a heart rate monitor, speed dialing, fall detection, a pedometer, a geo-fence alarm, non-movement detection, and a mobile app and web dashboard.

mCareWatch 241, available to individuals in Australia, retails at $499 plus the cost of a monthly service plan.

“The mCareWatch 241 represents our dedication to listening and responding to the needs of our customers. We are thrilled to offer a product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of those we serve,” Peter Apostolopoulos, cofounder of mCare Digital, said in a statement. “This new model reflects our commitment to providing innovative, reliable, and user-friendly assistive technology.”


A study published in JAMA Network revealed wearable device trends among U.S. adults, finding that an estimated 29% of the population uses wearable devices to monitor their health.

Still, another study published in the International Journal of Information Management showed that although wearable devices can benefit older generations, younger generations find the devices more appealing.

One organization is using wearables in ways beyond tracking one’s activities and vital signs.

A research team at the Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai with Oita University in Japan built an AI model that uses data from wearable devices to predict Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia.

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