LexaPure LumaSlim: Ready To Activate Your Hsl And Unlock Your Fat? Lumaslim™ Can Help!

Are you struggling to lose weight, even on a diet? The truth is, getting your body to let go of extra pounds can take more than just ‘diet and exercise’…

lexapure lumaslim

Instead of starving themselves on fad diets or spending hours a day in the gym, regular men and women across the country have discovered a bizarre, fat loss shortcut that first uncovered in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. This shortcut, first used by an elite group of soldiers to stay physically fit and mentally sharp is now helping men and women of all ages lose their unwanted weight faster than ever before. And with a new report proving that this shortcut safely accelerates weight loss, thousands of new people are putting this trick to use every day. In the next few moments, we will review in depth for you to discover what this fat loss shortcut is and how you can use it right at home.

What Is LumaSlim™?

LumaSlim™ is a natural science backed breakthrough formula created by Eric Raum that has been designed especially for treating the root cause of weight gain, hormonal imbalance. When your body is under stress, it releases large amounts of the hormone Cortisol. And when there is too much Cortisol, your body simply won’t release or burn off fat. That’s because your ‘visceral adipose tissue’, the fancy name for the deep fat around your waistline, is considered your body’s emergency energy reserves.

The powerhouse, natural ingredient ArcticRoot™, contained in LumaSlim™, has been clinically shown to help your body properly adapt to stress and decrease Cortisol production. That means LumaSlim™ is your first defense in your weight battle, stopping weight gain at its root cause. When you take LumaSlim™, you are helping your body adapt to stress and enter homeostasis, allowing yourself to gain the upper hand in your fight against fat! 

What Are The Benefits Of LumaSlim™ ?

4X Fat Loss: Clinically shown to produce up to 4X more weight loss than diet alone

Reduce Stress: Super-Adaptogen helps reduce cortisol and stress levels

Mental Clarity: Feel incredible energy and better focus. PLUS Boost your brain power

Support Health: Provides your body with the ability to absorb healthy nutrients

How Does LumaSlim™ Work?

You’ve been trying to lose body fat the only way you knew how because you didn’t have the benefit of understanding fat loss on a molecular level. Your body fat is trapped by a kind of biological ‘one-way valve’ known as Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL).If your HSL isn’t activated, it simply won’t release your stored fat to be burned off as fuel, even if you are eating right and exercising.But when your HSL is activated, the floodgates are opened and your trapped fat is released back into your bloodstream, ready to be burned up as a clean energy source.

LumaSlim™ is the only supplement to bring you the HSL activating power of ArcticRoot™ paired with the benefits of LilyRoot™, a standardized extract of the Japanese Voodoo Lily. The powerhouse ingredients inside of LumaSlim™ work together to help on your path towards a healthier you!

LumaSlim offers the purest and most potent form of Arctic Root ever available on the market, paired up with three other natural powerhouse ingredients guaranteed to open up your fat cells and release fat while also signaling the muscles in your body to use up this fat for energy.

And it goes even further, causing your fat cells to disappear for good while also preventing new fat cells from forming. At the same time, LumaSlim stops your hunger and cravings dead in their tracks, making weight loss even easier. Not only that, you will also find your memory and mental clarity becomes razor sharp. It will feel like your mind is growing smarter and younger by the day. At this stage, customers of all ages decide to take up a new hobby, learn to play an instrument or even enroll in advanced schooling like I did, ready to challenge their new minds.

In addition, the stress that is currently controlling your life, robbing you of peaceful sleep, forcing you into bad moods and overworking your heart disappears leaving you energized, well-rested in loving life. Your mood brightens and every day seems so much better and that’s just the first few days. As you continue using LumaSlim, you notice that life becomes easier whether at work, at home, or out with friends.

What Are The Ingredients Of LumaSlim™?

ArcticRoot: This captivating, Siberian plant, sometimes referred to as Golden Root throughout history, has been used for centuries. ArcticRoot made its way to the West after spending years as a Russian classified State Secret. ArcticRoot’s ability to increase mood3, boost endurance4, and, most importantly, release hard to lose ‘Deep Fat’ in the form of free-fatty acids has made it a weight-loss revolution.

LilyRoot: LilyRoot comes from the long tube of the Konjac plant, also known as the Voodoo Lily. The active compound is Glucomannan, a powerful dietary fiber that expands to over 50x its weight once inside your stomach. That means you aren’t ‘tricking’ your body into feeling full…you are full. One study showed that those given the amount of LilyRoot included in LumaSlim lost 52% as much weight as those taking a placebo. That means you’re almost doubling the work you are putting in!

Alpha-Lipoic Acid: A powerful, natural anti-oxidant found in many fruits and vegetables, ALA has been shown to increase metabolism and burn excess fat. This is one of the most exciting aspects of the LumaSlim™ formula, as ALA’s powerful metabolic properties were only first revealed in a 2015 study. This brand new scientific discovery means you won’t find it available as a part of any other weight loss formula, anywhere.

BioPerine: BioPerine is a designer extract from the Black Pepper plant. It is so unique, it has been granted multiple United States Patents as a bio-availibility enhancer. Considered ‘nature’s metabolic booster’, for its powerful metabolic effect. In addition, BioPerine has been shown to increase bioavailability, making the other ingredients it is formulated with even more effective.

Pros And Cons Of LumaSlim™

✅ Safe for people of any age

✅ Organic and Natural Ingredients

✅ Inexpensive Treatment

✅ Simple To Use

✅ 60-days money-back guarantee

✅ Does not contain chemicals or any preservatives

✅ One-time purchase and no hidden fees

❎ The product is available online only.

Is There Any Bonus Coming With LumaSlim™?

Yes, in order for you to have every tool you need for great metabolism, ADRENAVITALS™ – ADRENAL SUPPORT NUTRIENTS is included in the bundle in case you order  a four-bottle package like most customers do. These one-of-a-kind multivitamins pack powerful immune system support while helping to protect the body’s stress-response system with all of the vitamins and minerals you need. This fruit-based, all-natural stress support supplement is designed for maximum bioavailability and crafted in small batches in the United States to deliver superior quality. This is such a high-quality product that it can usually only be found in select doctors’ offices.


Consumers can purchase LumaSlim and its bonus products in several different quantities. Purchasing packages include:

  • One bottle: $69.95
  • Two bottles: $119.90
  • Four bottles: $179.80


Most frequent questions and answers

By far, the most popular order for new customers is the 4-bottle package. This is because, once our customers decide they are going to take LumaSlim™ and lose weight, they want to get a full supply at the best price. When you order 4 bottles today, you will also receive a FREE bottle of our brand new AdrenaVitals™ fruit-based advanced multivitamin with your order!

LumaSlim™ is safer than your daily multi-vitamin. With natural ingredients of the finest quality and purity, manufactured at an FDA-inspected, state-of-the-art facility on the latest equipment, then put through additional third-party inspections and quality control, LumaSlim™ is guaranteed to be 100% safe and effective for both men and women. 

As always, if you currently have a medical condition or are taking medication, I advise showing a bottle to your doctor before taking it. We proudly stand 100% behind the safety and quality of our product.

For best results, take two capsules with a big glass of water in the afternoon for additional energy, or 60 minutes before light exercise for maximum fat loss. LumaSlim™ works with your body to naturally adjust your back into a healthy rhythm, leaving you energized, well-rested, and enjoying life again!

While the results we’ve highlighted today are incredible, including one study with an average 20 pound weight loss in a few short weeks, we advise you to lose your weight at a healthy, steady pace. 

It can be exciting to see the results you’ve waited on for so long start to appear and want to push harder, but please maintain a healthy lifestyle in addition to taking LumaSlim™. We are looking forward to hearing your success story!

LumaSlim™ will offer you powerful support against the effects of unactivated HSL. But I also know that no two people’s bodies work the same way, so a small number of people might find it does not give them the benefits they need.

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