Welltory releases AI feature to pair Apple Watch health data with usable insights

Welltory releases AI feature to pair Apple Watch health data with usable insights

Stress and energy management wearables company Welltory unveiled a new feature for Apple Watch users called Today Screen, which will generate users’ health data from the Watch into guidance on how to reduce sedentary stress.

The app will provide wearers with an overview regarding the amount of harm sedentary stress takes on their health, helping users make changes to their habits in real time.

Welltory uses personalized health data from wearables and translates that information into actionable health guidance using a GPT-driven assistant called AI Coach, available since December 2023.

AI Coach collects wellness data and presents that information in the context of evidence-based recommendations. The assistant is included to fully subscribed users and partially available to free app users. The app is available now in the App Store.

“Our approach to personal data interpretation focuses on the total impact of all your actions on your body and wellbeing. Because really, what does it mean that I burned 500 calories or walked 10,000 steps? Well, it depends on lots of things – your age, fitness level, but especially how much time you spent sitting in stressful meetings or in front of your computer that day. Personalization and an integrated understanding of your data are crucial, and people intuitively know this – that’s why our beta test shows that users are way more likely to come back if they see our Today Screen,” Jane Smorodnikova, Welltory’s CEO and cofounder, said in a statement.


Welltory expanded its application scope in 2022 with the release of personalized sleep analyses.

In 2017, the company raised $1 million for the planned launch of their initial application.

Wearables for healthcare are prevalent in the marketplace and are being used more as tools for digital, personalized medicine.

According to the Public Library of Science, wearable health technology has seen a large uptick since the COVID-19 pandemic with little sign of stopping.

Competitors in the market include fitness-focused company WHOOP and mindfulness app Calm.

At Google’s Check Up event this week, the tech giant announced it was building personal AI into its product portfolio for Fitbit premium users to understand their personal health metrics, which would be available later this year.

The company said Fitbit Labs will bring together users’ multimodal time series health-and-wellness data, and users will be able to generate charts for data points they wish to visualize.

Users will be able to interact with the insights in a free-form chat space to understand how different aspects of their health correlate or interact.

Google said it wanted to deliver more personalized health experiences with AI, and was creating personal health large language models that can analyze health and fitness data and provide tailored recommendations in ways a personal coach would.

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